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maja laura


Maja Laura Records

 Maja Laura Records label is created to support pure individualism. It exists to support artists, who know what they want and who are ready to boldly pursue their vision. With no compromises. ML Records also wants to work with artists without forcing them to change, if they don’t want to. 

The direct motivation to establish the label was the disappointment with the approach to music of many music labels owners. There is a tendency to consider the artist as a product maker, to fit into the supposed expectations of the audience (supposed, because we also believe that what is promoted becomes desired). It is unacceptable, in our opinion, to interfere with the autonomy of an artist (by interfering or proposing to interfere with his message), who declares that their art is precisely what they want it to be. The person, who doesn’t know what exactly to create can not hold the name of an artist. 



Maja Laura – About the creator

A versatile artist and social activist. Endowed with a unique,
low and strong voice and infinite creativity. Her style cannot be
comparable to anyone else, although a phrase was said about her in the media: Polish Nick Cave in a skirt. A trained pianist and composer, but also a rock rebel. A representative of the Effective Altruism movement. Daughter of Polish rock legend Krzysztof Jaryczewski (Oddział Zamknięty). She owns the music production studio Stalowa Studio in Warsaw’s Praga district, and record label Maja Laura Records. She studied with Włodzimierz Nahorny, Slawek Jaskułke and Paweł Mykietyn. After the release of her debut album Bardo, repeatedly journalists called her debut one of the best of the year (Trójka, Gazeta Wyborcza). In recent years, a member of the band Ścianka.