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maja laura


Maja Laura Records

Music label Maja Laura Records is created to support individualism. It is created to support artists who know what they want and are ready to boldly pursue their vision. With no compromises.

The direct motivation to establish ML Records was the disappointment with the approach to music of many music labels owners. There is a tendency to consider the artist as a product maker, to fit into the supposed expectations of the audience (supposed, because we also believe that what is promoted becomes desired). It is unacceptable, in our opinion, to interfere with the autonomy of an artist (by interfering or proposing to interfere with his message), who declares that their art is precisely what they want it to be. ML Records is for strong artists who do not agree to such intrusion.



Maja Laura – About the creator

Maja Laura (Maja Laura Jaryczewska, born 1999) is a Polish artist and social activist. Pianist, vocalist, composer. President of the Effective Altruism Poland Foundation. Her musical route begins in a flat in Warsaw’s Mokotów district, where there stands an old, black piano with metal candlesticks used by her great-grandmother.